Alvaro (alvaroph) wrote in mariachi,

I will not forget (Aztec eagle)

Sometimes I would like to close my eyes to reality, especially when I realize that it’s dark and cruel. It’s sad to live in ignorance, but having conscience means to accept the responsibility of doing something. I will never forget what I am and I will always keep in mind what I was. I was born poor and I have nothing to lose, I will do my best and never give up. I am a man with invisible scars, someone who lived injustice and inequality. I am a man who prefers to cry in silent, because there is not time to cry. Even though it would be more than enough to have Indian blood to fight against the injustice that is object my people, I want to grow until became an Aztec warrior with the courage of the jaguar and the vision of the eagle. I am the seed of a new generation, a generation of Mexicans who will not be afraid to speak out. We will give back their dignity to those who are still poor blond Indians; we will give them the means to recover their land once stolen and the right to worship their real Gods. My generation will replace this corrupt and old one. We must work hard and be prepared when the time comes. The spirits of the eagle and jaguar have survived five hundred years and they are reborn in every Mexican who suffers by seeing so much injustice. We must get a real independence and conclude the revolution. Just an Aztec eagle can reach the sky, I am part of that vision, and I want to be part of that greatness.
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