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Central California Alliance for the Preservation of Mariachi, Nov 1 event

Central California Alliance for the Preservation of Mariachi

CCAPM Student Recognition / Dia de los Muertos Celebration

On November 01 we will have Nati Cano and Senator Dean Florez (CA 16th Dist) deliver certificates and a Senate Recognition to all students who participated in last year's Honor Mariachi Class hosted by CCAPM.

On that night, we will show the official video document of the event held on September 21 at the Fox Theater (Visalia). This event will take place at Delano's Civic Center (11th and Jefferson) from 4-6 pm and is by invitation only.

On November 02, CCAPM's Honor Mariachi Students will be offering a Dia de los Muertos presentation at Delano's "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Church (11th and Clinton) from 9 am to 2 pm.

They'll be teaching the youth about the significance of this special day in the Mexican culture. A mariachi music workshop, featuring two traditional Dia de los Muertos songs will be offered. Students will then build a traditional Altar de Muertos in the yard of the church. Following, they'll have a workshop on traditional candy-making, showing the youth how to make Calaveras de Azucar. The event will close with a Mariachi Mass for the Dead, officiated by Fray Emerito Cardenas.

This event will be free and open to the public. We are especially inviting all of the San Joaquin Valley's mariachi community to attend and celebrate with CCAPM this Mexican tradition.

For more information, please contact
Juan Morales, juan_morales@ccapm.net , or Eva Camacho, eva_camacho@ccapm.net
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